About Brian

My name is Brian Johnson and I am owner of Brian-Speaks.com and co-owner of The Movement Dallas. I am on a mission to provide you with the tools you need to obtain lasting results to reach your full potential, whether that's losing body fat, increasing strength and performance or feeling better.
I've been down the path of unrealistic, out of balance programs that left me either injured, hungry and distressed or unfulfilled and want to prevent others from wasting time and money wanting to achieve the results I have after tons of trial and error. I create programs that are dedicated to building bodily balance without forceful methods and are sustaining for life! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook to find out more of what I live and teach.

B.S. Exercise Physiology
ACSM certified
NASM certified
10+ years training and nutritional counseling experience
Professional Natural Bodybuilder (INBF)
CPR/ACLS certified

Fun Notables
2011 - Nourish Track Presenter @ BigBangTX! 2011Conference
2011 - Hired by Time Warner Cable to present 10 lectures on Sustainable Weight Loss
2010 - Presented as The Movement Dallas @ TEDXSMU Conference
2005-2009 -Exercise Physiologist/Movement Specialist @ The Cooper Clinic, Dallas TX