Monday, September 28, 2009

Attachment -

This past weekend I had one of the greatest golf games of my life. There are a number of things that this could have potentially been brought on by, but I had clarity and peace like never before. One of the these thoughts was on the idea of attachment. I was thinking of all of the rounds that I have played in the past(I started at about age 9) and what had potentially held me back from being better than before, and it struck me. Golf and LIFE are all about attachment or lack thereof. Let me explain. Golf is very much a mental game. If there is attachment to the last shot then the whole round is potentially a wash due to the fact that you're beating yourself up and are stuck on what you did before. How can you become better if you can't see where you're going?
Life is very much the same in that when we get attached *stuck* in our previous 'shot' then it often washes out everything else that we do. We can no longer see if we are getting better because we are focused on how bad we have been.

Is there a better way>? Test it... why not forget all of our past shots? Of course they are there to learn from, but only in the direction to make us better. If something is not making you better it's time to detach and change.


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