Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pardon The Venting...

But I just couldn't hold back! I picked up this clip from the Today Show and couldn't help myself but to respond! I mean, seriously? Please watch the video and decide for yourself, but in my opinion, this is NOT the way to health. I understand the dilemma of 'road eating' but come on. There seems to be a few shameless plugs in there as well.


-There is absolutely NO regard to food quality! The only thing that seems to be of concern is calories and fiber! Getting healthy and losing weight is NOT about counting calories (IT'S NOT ABOUT CALORIES)and NOT about how much fiber we can pack down. Who wants to do that forever? I don't, and I know that if we focus on 'quality' whole foods then calories don't matter. However, if we eat the crap that is presented here we are limiting our bodies nutrients and we are naturally going to eat more! That's how it works... simply feed the body what it needs and we will not continue to seek food.

My personal, tried and true, recommendations for travel...

Snacks are easy - raw nuts, organic fresh fruit, vegetables, nutriharmony whey protein or mrp formula, wild canned meats (salmon, tuna etc)

Meals are easy - If you're in a large city, there is always a decent place to get a healthy salad, find a Whole Foods or central market, or if you must do fast food Chipotle is decent in quality. The point is, sit down, take your time and don't 'drive through'. You can always use your snack options listed above as a meal.

And remember, you ALWAYS get what you pay for! It just might now pop up for another 20 years or so...


  1. Unreal. That spot was probably endorsed by General Mills...

  2. my favorite comment of the entire piece - "and the lettuce has water in it" - really ?? truly brilliant ... but what else does the lettuce have in it or on it?? pesticides, chemicals, is it a genetically modified food (GMO)?Oy Vey!!