Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here's to being human...

The gift of being human; adaptation. We have the unique ability to literally adapt to so many different stressors/challenges we place on the human body. Whether it's to a specific workout routine that we no longer see changes from or adapting to a way of eating that no longer brings results, the body is one amazing organism. Often times it's our belief systems that get in the way of change. We are 'sure' that something is true and don't question or base it on our own experiences. I can say this is an area that I will always be striving to improve. I was never taught to listen to my body, but to listen to others including doctors, media or whoever else is wanting to control my life. The past few years has been a SLOW change in this process...

Asking the right questions and exploring your 'mind map' or belief systems is the first place to start. Here are a few questions I have for myself at the moment. (granted this may seem odd)

What areas do I feel 'stuck' in and what action can I take to change (adapt).?

For me it's the ever driving desire to help myself and others achieve a greater level of health. I am currently experimenting with raw eating. I have minor experience but have never really had the desire to change. Now I see (from personal evidence) that it can be beneficial for me. I do not think it's a cure all, but I do believe it can help me with certain elements that I want to improve (mental clarity, digestion). With a mixture of good local organic food, raw foods and the occasional crap we'll see what happens.

Stay tuned!

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