Wednesday, March 3, 2010

'Anti-Cleanse' step 2!

ANTI-CLEANSE: Step 2: The Great Experiment


It’s this simple to begin the ANTI-CLEANSE. Define your goals, begin defining action steps, and GO!

All of you have probably noticed the many similarities between your action steps, if not identical action steps, to reaching so many of your very diverse goals. That’s great! It shows us how simple we believe it is too attain optimal health. Now notice I did not say easy, I said simple. Each of you will still have to do the work everyday, and will need to remain conscious of your actions daily, so that through the process you can determine if your actions are appropriate. Somedays a specific action might be exactly what your body needs while other days it might be highly inappropriate. Our bodies are an incredibly dynamic and non-linear system of systems. Expect change. The change needed might be drastic or so very slight. I say this because I don’t want any of you to worry about sticking to your actions when, and if, they do not produce the result you desire. Too often I see people doing the same thing, the same actions, over and over, and they are shocked that it hasn’t produced the result they are seeking. Do not be ideological in your pursuit. Be experimental. If it works, do it again. If not, try another action that is specific to the desired result. Do what works for you, not what is “supposed” to work. Expect that your actions may be different from day to day to achieve the same result and that your successful actions very well may be strikingly different from your friends and neighbors.

TMD will be posting many articles to help better inform your decision making through this process so don’t feel like you are all on your own now. We are here to help, but you must do it. We are here to make each of you more aware of your own feedback and offer potential solutions. BUT only You know what’s best and only You can do it!

Focus on what you want. Listen to your body every step of the way. And allow yourself to change your actions with your changing body… Cheers to the greatest experiment of all. Life!

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