Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 Reasons Diets DON'T WORK

Dieting- the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake. (wikipedia)

Note* I am not referring to your diet, which is the food you consume normally on a regular basis* This is about diet-ING for body weight control (not natural).

We have all done them. We have all put our hopes into their outcomes. We have all failed with them. So why do we keep doing them?

Here is my list for why dieting is NOT effective in the long run:

1) Dieting is too restrictive:
Elimination diets - (which are pretty much ALL diets I have seen) do not work- period. "But I lost so much weight on it and felt so good." Then why aren't you still doing it? Why is the weight back?

Solution: We are meant to eat REAL food. That being said, we should also be flexible enough to handle processed or
non-real food from time to time as well. Have you taken time off from being active to go back and have soreness, pain and injury the next day, or for multiple days? Eliminating certain food groups has a similar process. If you cut out distinct areas of a normal food diet (fat, carbs, sugar) then the body actually becomes less flexible at handling these things. You have now made the situation worse. The key is to find the minimal effective amounts (mEA) of foods that are not real and focus on REAL food a majority of the time.

2) Dieting is hard:
When you go on a diet, isn't it difficult? From this we can make some associations- You are now learning weight loss is hard and takes effort. You are now learning that certain foods are associated with dieting and feel guilty when consuming. This leads to a series of associations that do not make the process any easier. Unlearning is one of the hardest things to do.

Solution: Remember, we are always learning. If you eat REAL food and incorporate things you like, then weight/fat loss becomes a natural byproduct and is easy. There should be NO effort if you are listening to your body.

3) Dieting never lasts:
See reason #1. Everything in our world is subject to change. Yin and yang... peace and war... diet and binge. Catch my point? If you 'force' change, you will be forced to change... it's as simple as that.

Solution: Build a healthy relationship with food. Don't restrict foods and do eat in moderation. Remember, there is no 'bad' food, only food outside of your limits. We are ALL familiar with moderation of all things. Being that we are all biochemically different, we need different things. Find what works for your body and keep it REAL.

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