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Joel's Story-

It's ALWAYS great to see clients progress to new heights. The reason I do what I do is so that I can share what I have to help others reach their true potential. Here is the latest success story from a client of The Movement Dallas who has taken his health and made it his own. 

Joel IS The Movement

What brought me to turn to Brian at The Movement Dallas

Before                                            After

Written by Joel Singleton

In May of 2005 at the age of 25 I had a rude awakening… I was diagnosed with dilated cardomyopathy (heart failure).  After picking myself up off the floor it was time to do something about my health. I knew that for the long term, the pill-popping regimen I was on was not a true prescription for the healthy lifestyle I wanted to live.  I started listening to and doing all the ‘right’ things, or what I thought was ‘right’, because of what EVERYONE said or told me. I tried many diets… low fat, low carbs, calorie counting, excluding animal meats and dairy (because it’s associated with diabetes) – drinking soy only, eating cherrios to help lower cholesterol,  doing cardio 30 minutes a day, just to name a few.  I dropped from 280lbs to 220lbs by doing what everyone else said was ‘right’, but was I healthy? I soon found myself in a rut and stuck at my 220lb weight.  I continued doing what got me there, but to no avail, the weight would not drop further.  In the process I suffered from chronic lower back and shoulder pain, which I attributed to my mattress, because ‘if you have chronic back pain, it must be your mattresses.’… right?

In late 2009 I ran into and old high school friend, Brian Johnson of The Movement Dallas, on Facebook.  I began browsing  his profile and saw he was a health nut like me, or was he?  He was eating quality saturated fats, raw dairy and animal meats.  The thing that caught my ear on one of his videos, as he spooned out a tablespoon of quality lard into his pan to sauté some veggies, “fat doesn’t make you fat”.  I couldn’t believe it! I had always been told how horrible fat was for our body. Could he be right? At that time I started questioning the status quo not only nutritionally, but also in regards to more desired fat loss through exercise.  I had to contact him to see what this was all about.
I met up with Brian in February of 2010 to get a better understanding of his aspect on fitness and nutrition. It sounded foreign to me and it was hard to grasp that basically everything I heard and saw on Oprah was a lie:)  He had a ‘different’ way to
test gym movements according to my goals and the food I was consuming. His approach was unlike anything I had experienced before and it felt tailored to me. Upon our first session I asked Brian, “So you want me to test my movements and only do the ones that test best?  My workouts should be easy? You mentioned stopping when it starts to feel tense or hard, but how will I lose weight?” After another month and a half of researching and pondering what or who was right, I decided to give Brian and The Movement Dallas a chance to see if it was all he led it to be.

I set my weight loss goal at 175lbs.  After one week of doing tested movements I noticed a huge difference. It wasn’t weight loss at first, it was my back and shoulder pains that were almost nonexistent! My sleep improved because I was not tossing and turning due to the pain.  This was too good to be true! I continued to move according to what my body was asking. He said that tested movements are true corrective exercise because it’s what YOUR body needs, not some program design. If you do movements that test well on a regular basis, the body naturally balances itself.  Shortly after the pain subsided the weight started trickling off and my muscle mass increased. I have lost well over 40lbs. and achieved my weight loss goal of 175 (currently low 170’s). My energy and vitality are greater than that have been since I don’t know when.  I am now working on adding more lean muscle and focusing on achieving a few athletic goals. I continue to listen to my body, test my movements specific to my individual needs and eat real, local and organic foods.

If you are unfamiliar or unsure about testing out The Movement Dallas, I can re-assure you it has completely changed me for the better. I would encourage you to take that step.

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