Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Simple Exercises For Maximum Fat Loss

I have to start with a saying that I use often

It's now as much WHAT you do, but more HOW you do it.

This is relevant to this post in that any exercise can be used as a fat loss movement. How that exercise is performed is a more important component (which I will save for another post).

Of course there are movements(the what) that can and should be prioritized for maximum fat loss in the shortest possible time.  By testing and incorporating
these into your routine more often you'll notice huge changes that will catapult you to your goals much faster! Remember to focus on using these abbreviated  Elements Of Effort (the how) with any and all movement. Allow that to be the judge of sets, reps and time.

 (with feet approximately shoulder width apart, lower your butt to the ground and then stand back up. Use a chair to sit back on if necessary)

Yeah... I know, you already knew this. Why aren't you doing them? I'm going to take a guess based on my past squatting experience, they are hard! If I had to make another guess you've always done them outside of the Elements Of Effort? What I have found is utilizing these principles to govern and dictate movement, as opposed to some number in my head, I like them more because I am not going past what my body can naturally handle. We know that squats stimulate large amounts of tissue and blood flow and work areas that we would like to tighten up (aka butt).

Here are a few squat variations you can try;

SPLIT STANCE (with a shoulder width stance, take the toes of your right foot and line them with the heel of the left, now squat)

BALL OF FOOT (instead of staying back on your heels as you go down, move to your toes. As you come up, drop your heels back to the floor.)

(with feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees and waste and pick up your item... now set it back down)

Yet another wonderful lift to really stimulate muscle and fat tissue. Be creative. You don't necessarily have to have kettlebells, dumbbells or barbells. In fact, I have more fun moving things around the house or studio (like furniture).

here are a few variations;

1 ARM DEADLIFT (same movement using only the right or left arm)

STANCE CHANGE (take the feet wider or more narrow than shoulder width)

(ball of foot squat, place hands on the ground in front, kick the feet back to a pushup position, jump back to squat, stand up)

Okay, you've got the squat down, let's add another variable. This is a total body movement that really gets the blood and muscle pumping. The more big, total body movement we can incorporate, the more efficient we become at using fat for fuel. Remember to use the Elements Of Effort.

here are a few variations;

BURPEE (same movement, just add a pushup in the middle and a jump at the top)


Sprints are EASY because you can do them any distance, anywhere! You don't need 100+ yrds... heck you could even use your back yard. The key is to work within your limits. 2 good sprints is better than 10 bad ones. Also, don't feel like you have to go all out. Mess around with 50-90% of your max speed. See what works best for you.

here are a few variations;

SIDE SHUFFLE (turn sideways and side hop as fast as you can)

SKIP (a fun, big body movement. Do it as fast as you can)


That's right! This one is my favorite. Most of us could actually use more time that is uninterrupted by cell phones, tv's, internet, others. Learning to relax could be the most difficult exercise on this list. When I relax it allows me to make more appropriate decisions by allowing my body to guide me. Don't forgot this often overlooked element to the exercise for fat loss equation.

here are a few variations;

POOLSIDE (nothing like a little water to cool you off and calm the nerves)

WITH A BOOK  (a good book goes a long way for allowing us to focus elsewhere)

Add these to your next workout and you're guaranteed to be more effective and efficient in your fat loss efforts.


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