Monday, December 1, 2008

Gift ideas for the Holidays!

Hope everyone is back in full swing this week! I know it's always hard coming off a long restful weekend. I wanted to talk about a few things that I mentioned in an earlier post. When I met up with The Movement Dallas I was fortunate enough to run across a few products that have literally changed my life and many clients that I have been working with. This line of nutritionals is far above and beyond ANYTHING that I have personally ever taken or seen! The integrity that goes into each batch is unprecedented and it's the reason why I feel it is worthy enough for me and my entire family to be on. It's truly amazing what good quality food AND the proper supplementation can do for you not only physically but spiritually as well. If you are interested in these products there will be more to come. You can comment and I will respond to your inquires... :)


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  1. Just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I just started eating healthy, and I was really encouraged by some of the things you were saying! Awesome! Have a great weekend!