Friday, August 7, 2009

REAL Food... And all the rest

To finish up the 3 part series on REAL food...

Seasonings, sauces and condiments:

Fresh herbs, spices and Celtic sea salt are the best choices. Be aware of MSG and added natural flavors and spices that add “flavor” to most sauces and condiments. Annie’s makes great mustard, and Muir Glen makes great ketchup. There are not any decent bottled salad dressings. Your best bet is a homemade dressing (3 parts olive to 1 part any vinegar and you can add fresh herbs lemon, garlic, pepper, sea salt).

Sweeteners can only come from a natural source. Carob, local honey raw and uncooked, Organic Grade B maple syrup, unsulfured molasses, rapadurah (unrefined sugar), and stevia. ABSOLUTLY NO artificial sweeteners of any kind.

Baking ingredients:
Pamelas Baking and Pancake mix
Mary Janes Farm Organic Gluten free budget mix (
Arrowhead mill: Organic yellow corn mill, Brown rice flour, buckwheat flour and more.
Coconut Flour (
Aluminum free baking soda
Aluminum free baking powder
Organic CoCoa

Food bars:
It is best to choose live foods over food bars but, if you are going to do it make sure they are organic RAW food bars. There are different brands that can be found at whole foods. Raw Organic food bar is a brand that has a variety of flavors also, Pure, and Nutiva flax bars are some great brands.

Choose water! Well, spring or purified by reverse osmosis….no tap! Tea is fine, just make sure it is from an organic tealeaf and you brew it yourself. Most bottled teas have added sugars and hidden flavors in them. Coffee needs to be organic and if possible fair trade ( all decaffeinated coffee needs to be swiss water decaf (no chemicals are used to remove the caffeine). Remember to use Stevia, Agave Nectar or Honey to sweeten your tea. Instead of pasteurized cream or any of the sweetened creams, coconut milk is dairy free and is a much better substitution.

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