Monday, August 10, 2009

Water -

Choose water! Well, spring or purified by reverse osmosis….no tap! If you like tea or coffee there are a few recommendations. First off I would test it. How does the coffee or tea make you feel before, during and after it's consumption? Do you feel like you must have it? I would suggest organic and swiss water decaf for either. Coffee beans and tea are among the most heavily sprayed with pesticides so steering clear would be a great option for increased health. Just remember, there is NO substitute for water!

"You ARE water; water is you." Wayne Dyer

Our bodies are over %75 water.

"Drink water silently today, while reminding yourself with each sip to nourish others in the same life-flourishing way that streams give to animals and rain delivers to plants. Note how many places water is there for you - serving you by flowing naturally. Say a prayer of gratitude for this life-sustaining, always-flowing substance." -WD


  1. What reverse osmosis system do you use??

  2. Whole Foods :) As for now I am filling up there. In the very near future I will be taking it a step further and using an easy to install ionizer/alkalizing system. Let me know if you would like more info on that.

    As for RO water I would suggest adding a pinch of sea salt to reinstate the minerals that are lost in the filtration.