Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Importance of Quality -

Quality over quantity ever time! I know I have stated it before, but I will state it again. It's far to important to be overlooked, and not only in my personal experience, but what I also see in my clients, it can easily be the forgotten factor.

So what do I mean by 'quality'? When I think of quality, I think of source and origination. When it comes to food, it's not solely the idea that traditional foods are better for us, but potentially where they came from that makes them of quality. There is tremendous study and research as to the value of foods which are organically and locally grown have on our biological systems. I have people ask me all the time 'why' should I worry about organic etc. I have SO MANY reasons and cannot list them all, but the main underlying idea is that they will make you better! It's simple really. The greater I feed my body in terms of nutrients etc., the greater I can give of myself to others and the greater I get in return. Can you imagine a world like that?

Unfortunately, in our society, the focus still tends to turn towards quantity... in the idea of fat grams, carbs, protein, vitamin a,c, d etc. and overall calories or amount. Obviously these have not worked! I encourage and ask you to take a different approach. Ask your body what it needs, and if it really needs it. Make sure it's the BEST quality you can find, and seek to learn and understand what you are feeding yourself and others. Feel and experience the difference for yourself, and stand up against the grain- (pun intended :)

Much LOVE-

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