Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's In YOUR Multivatamin?

The top 5 reasons why NutriHarmony Real Food Multi is BETTER than the rest!

1) It's actually considered a RAW food! Your body doesn't recognize synthetic (which is what 99.9% of what's out are comprised of)
2) It's third party tested to be over 95% absorbed! Studies show other synthetic multi's to be only 10-12% absorbed. Do the math... you're wasting your money
3) You can ACTUALLY FEEL IT! Seriously, most of us took multi's because we heard they were good. Now you know why they didn't work... they weren't REAL.
4) It will help with WEIGHT LOSS! by getting you healthy, of course. It supplies the nutrients that your body is not getting, therefore allowing you to eat less!
5) It's sustainably and responsibly grown! Which is good for YOU and the environment :)

Please feel free to ask questions about Nutriharmony's Multi or any other of their wonderful products... i've tried them all! And YES I take this stuff EVERYDAY!


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