Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAY 3 - April - 14 - 2010

5:30a - Up and out (VERY well rested)
5:45 - Enfusia
6 - run/walk with client (21:09)
7:45a - tangerine, couple of coconut flakes... (pre-wrestling filler)

8a - Wrestling was on the agenda, and it actually tested well. Continuous movement for approximately 50 minutes. It's been a while since the last match, but initially felt super strong coming out. I definitely set a new PR. (tested great up until about the last 40 minutes, then it was distress training :)

Something I didn't think about when setting my goals was my athletic improvement that I am seeking in regards to wrestling. There are a few things I could be much quicker, responsive on. I tend to lose quickness and speed as the length of the match progresses.

9:30 -Red cabbage coleslaw, apple chopped with balsamic
Carrot and nut butter
10:15 - Organic local coffee, raw milk
12:30p - half of a cosmic cranberry kombucha
Lunch - (tested beautifully)

5:00 - Tested running and handstands (horrible).

8:00p - LONG day! Just finished and I am whipped.
Dinner - few bites of pizza from Whole Foods that Kami brought and a raw kale salad. It really wasn't testing well. Came home and had a purple carrot and peanut butter... time for some zzzzs.


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