Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2 - April 13- 2010

It's amazing how great I feel after doing only movements that tested well yesterday. The workout was simple, but it wasn't easy... but I feel like I could do the same thing again today-

I tested both my parkour athletic movements and my pull exercises - pull tested best;

7:00a - 7:30a
TRX pull-up - BW/12,10,9,9,7,7,7,8,7

Standing DB Row - 45lb (90)/10,8,8,9,6,7,7,8,5

Standing DB curl (pron/sup) - 35lb (70)/4, 25lb (50), 7,6,5,6, 20lb (40), 8

Looks like it was a #PReverday- volume (reps+sets)

Handstands where testing well so I did a few held sets and was actually able to bust out 2 solid handstand presses :)

Food -
5:15a - Enfusia
7:50a - raw yogurt, whey, coconut flakes, apple
8a - still hungry, celery with ~1 tbspn. org. natural peanut butter
11a - large mixed greens salad, sprouted lentils, flax cracker and dressing
12p - Enfusia
4 - strawberries, yogurt (did not test well)(bad choice)
7:45 p- Salad with chicken thigh, broccoli and hummus.

hasta manana-

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