Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Am That-

I have had the same thoughts popping up lately, and I wanted to share them. They are by no means in any specific order, just what I have experienced with my pursuit to be better, healthier, leaner, more vibrant, more mobile, flexible, strong etc...

Based on my own empirical evidence there is NOT one way -
My way is no better than yours -
What works for me might not work for you-
There is no need to unnecessarily label -
I am not a bodybuilder
I am not a vegetarian
I am not a meat eater
I am not a parkour'er
I am not a vegan
I am not a yogi
I am not a omnivore
I am not a mixed type
Shall I go on?

I AM a human being who listens to his body(most of the time) and does human things...
I AM a human being who oscillates between all of these things based on my physiology...

What matters more than anything is quality testing... in ALL things. Tested thoughts, tested eating, tested big body movement. I will continue to question all of my current belief systems to find what works best for me.

peace and much love-

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  1. This is what makes you so talented at what you do. Listening for the individual in your clients! Journey on!