Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peanut Butter Banana Bread

Sunday 2010-11-04

Need a healthy variation for those overly ripe bananas? The Movement Dallas/Urban Acres has one to solve your dilemma, peanut butter banana bread/cake. I LOVE this recipe and it's extremely malleable.

My variations -
Flax, Almond flour blend
Brown rice flour instead of coconut flour
Date pieces instead of honey to sweeten
chopped apple

pure goodness!



  1. I never like when a recipe puts "to taste" in baked goods.
    At least give me a hint to work with, you know?
    I've never cooked this.
    I don't know how much will be too little in the end result... tho I can imagine how much is too much.

    Looks yummy though.

  2. ha! I know... I do to.

    My question is, do you like cinnamon? I do, so I add about a teaspoon...

    Otherwise, I say test. I have cooked this recipe many times and its always different based on what I feel like adding.

    good luck and would love to hear/see how it turns out.