Sunday, April 11, 2010

120 Day Body Transformation-

Over the next 120 days I want to allow others to see my body/physique transformation using the Gym Movement Protocol. We have been using this for sometime at The Movement Dallas and I want to give this wonderful gift to others at they set out to increase their fat loss and muscle gain potential.

This is simply a test. I HIGHLY believe in these principles as I use them for myself and my clients but want to show others how simple it truly is. If applied properly, I believe this will not only change the health/fitness industry, but also how we view the world around us. I know that's a huge claim, which is exactly why I want to show YOU how simple it can be...

Tomorrow is the official 'start' for me, and I will be sharing in detail my goals, initial pictures, workouts, PR's (personal records)(and there will be many), food, videos and more of what has/will test well for ME...

Again, this is not so you can do what I do, but simply to learn new tools to apply to your movement, fat loss or muscle building goals... and to ALL get better in the process. What an amazing thing!

Until tomorrow -

"If you want to know anything, you must question everything."
-Frankie Faires

"If you don't asses (test), you're simply guessing"
-Paul Chek

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