Monday, June 21, 2010

The Importance of Quality-

Why do we always have a tendency to focus on 'HOW MUCH' when it comes to 'attaining' health? Quantity... it seems to be the driver of most things in our lives.

How long was your workout?
How many sets/reps did you accomplish?
How many different exercises did you do?
Was is hard? Killer? Painful?

How many fat grams, carbs, protein or calories are in that?
How much can I get for X amount $? Wow.. a buffet! What a bargain!
I need X amount of 'this' to be healthy!
How little did you eat?
How much did you eat?
What did you portion look like?

What if we looked at it through a different lens? What if we are asking the wrong questions?(I assure you, we are). All of the above questions/statements are quantifiable... we can measure them. But at The Movement Dallas, we truly believe that quantity is dictated by the QUALITY of any given thing. Let me say it again... quantity is dictated by quality! This post could go on forever, but let me re-frame some of the above questions.

Movement -
Were all of your movements tested eliminating the Elements of Effort?
Were all of your reps/sets tested eliminating the Elements of Effort?
Did you do X amount of exercise because it tested well? Were they specific to the goals you are looking to achieve?
What are we teaching the body if we are moving through pain, excess tension and if it's hard? THE BODY IS ALWAYS LEARNING!

What is your food SOURCE? Is it of quality?
What is your food SOURCE? Is is of quality?
How do you know the X amount you need? Did you test that? Or is that someone else belief?

It's so simple-
Movement- Do quality tested exercise with varying degrees of specificity. Test... re-test and test again. If you don't test you are guessing. If you want to learn testing contact me at The Movement Dallas.

Nutrition- Eat quality tested foods with varying degrees of specificity. Is your goal fat loss? Eat high quality foods tested for your body. Is your goal muscle gain? Eat high quality food tested for your body. Simple.

Of course there are other details that can make you better, but this is where most need to start. Begin testing, and eliminate what no longer works... and along the way if you need someone to help guide your feedback don't be afraid to reach out-


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