Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Movement Dallas

Devoted to The Science, Study and Practice of Better


Personal training that accounts for all of the parts of the whole biologic system, and how those parts are to work independently integrated to form the whole, highest functioning body.

In layman’s terms…we look at three major parts of our biology, determine where we can gain the most leverage, and begin work from 1 or more of those 3 areas (exercise, eating and emotional intelligence) to sustainably transform your life to meet your goals…from freedom of illness and performance enhancement to lasting fat loss and muscle gain

The 3 Parts:

1 - Biomechanics and how through correct exercise the use of our musculoskeletal system can align multiple parts of our physiology!

2 – Biochemistry and how with proper nutrition one can transform cellular and molecular coordination and communication to balance our bodies inside and out!

3 - Biopsychology and how proper lifestyle modification and understanding of how and what we think, feel and act can and will have just as a profound effect on our health and fitness goals as a good diet and proper and consistent exercise!

Ultimately it’s not so much What We Do BUT How We Do it! With the understanding that our biology is active and ever-changing we must have a program to coincide with the dynamic nature of our body. That program must be plastic, free to take whatever form your body might need at that moment. It’s not based on our ideology, but your biology. We utilize primitive feedback methods to test and determine every single time you eat or exercise what is the best thing for you to do.

“Let science provide direction and personal experience provide discretion.” We are here to make you more aware of your own feedback and offer potential solutions.

We are the Guide, YOU are the Governor!


1 on 1 Personal Exercise Coaching (and Small Group Exercise Coaching)

Local, Organic Meal Delivery Service

Lifestyle Coaching

Distance On-Line Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Lecture, Guest Speaking, and Continuing Education (Individual and Group)

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