Thursday, September 23, 2010

Perfecting ME

"He can dine on the most impossible food combinations imaginable with no evil results…” - Henry Bieler

I cannot tell you how many times I get harassed for my 'variety' of food combinations, so this quote out of 'Food is Your Best Medicine' really struck a chord with me. In his book, Henry Bieler refers to the fact that the most healthy body is one that can adapt to a wide variety of ALL things.

I couldn't agree more. Health is not about perfect living, but rather the ability to adapt to as much as possible... if not ALL things.

We have made it where we are today because of our ability to adapt. Should we not be able to increase our variety, including 'BAD' foods from time to time and still have an optimal operating being? What if incorporating more variety, improving quality (or not) actually made us better? Instead, we focus on what we 'can't' have... and limit our selection to a very small few. Last time I checked, there are over 300,000 foods to chose from on the planet! Would we not benefit to incorporate more, in minimal effective amounts (mEA) and reap the benefits of a highly adaptive digestion/utilization/assimilation system?

Attaining great health is not relegated to having the 'perfect' diet. Or wait, what is 'perfect' anyway? Who is to say? Are we not all biochemically different? Perfect for you is different than perfect for me. Why are we falling for the trap of mainstream dietary hoopla? With such convincing dogma, it's difficult to get past the vast array of misinformation. Mainstream media (mm) has led us to believe we should eat chicken breasts (no fat, it's bad), broccoli (gotta have those green veggies, cause you can't get it anywhere else) and brown rice (complex carbs, they are best for you) for the rest of our lives. Sounds pretty boring to me! And from past experience, I can tell you it is.

Food is more than it's macro/micro nutrients. Fat, carbs, protein etc. are meaningless if your body cannot use them. Raw foods, low carb, high protein mean NOTHING if my system can't handle, absorb and utilize these food stuffs. And isn't it more than just food or fuel? Food, like water, is a great connector to our source. The more we realize this connection, the more coherence or alignment we will all have, and the more adaptive we will become.

Here's to perfecting ME!

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