Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's ALL Movement

I love how there is so much debate over which type of movement is 'best'. Is there a holy grail? No. Are there things that can get you to specific goals faster? Yes.

My specific movement goals (right now)
-become a better indoor climber (move up to certain level routes)
-become better at the single arm handstand (hold for 5 seconds)

It doesn't have to be boring. These two movement goals are fun for me and will help me reach my aesthetic goals as well. It might not get me there as fast as doing more 'fat' burning exercise, but it's sustainable because it excites me.  What excites you movement wise?

A little video of my workout preparing me for single arm handstands-

Your program shouldn't look like mine because our goals are different. Make sure it's fun and specific and you'll get there faster and maintain it longer.


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