Friday, June 3, 2011

Feedback For Fatloss. Do you listen?

It almost seems like I need a slap in the face to effectively change my behavior every time I do something my body doesn't like. Case in point, I'm making this KILLER breakfast shake (I have the recipe if you'd like it) and I had to give it a taste upon mixing. It was SO freaking good that I couldn't put it down. I kid you not, I had the worst brain freeze I have ever experienced. Lesson learned, right? Nope. Once the crippling brain freeze was over I continued to devour the shake, obviously too fast again... brain freeze, slightly milder. It dissipated and... I learned my lesson. I put it down and called truce. 

But what about other times when it wasn't so obvious? Why does it need to be so apparent for me to learn my lesson? Must it
take two seriously painful brain freezes before I adjust my actions? I have always been a slow learner :)

feed·back - a reaction or response to a particular process or activity

It seems the lesser or more dull the negative feedback, the slower our action to respond. Examples of this might be eating something that wasn't agreeable (let's say dairy) and having gas or bloating because if it. This happens to me on occasion, yet I still take my chances. But, I'm getting better. I see a trend of responding to feedback more appropriately and it seems I am slowly learning my lesson, which in this case equals less dairy.

Any negative feedback is a sign that your body doesn't in some way like what you just consumed. It could be a certain food in isolation. It could be a combination of foods. It could be how much you've eaten. There are so many variables and indications. Here are a few that I have noticed -

-Pain (and not just intestinal)
-Breathing changes
-Weight gain
-Psychological changes (mood, tension etc)

Most of us aren't accustom to listening to feedback unless it's overly apparent. 

But here is the kicker. The trend I have noticed for myself is that the more questions I ask, the better, more specific feedback I get. I don't always act accordingly, but again the trend has produced better results overtime. 

Here are a few questions I ask before/during my meal times.

-Am I truly hungry?
-What is it that my body is asking for? 
-What sounds good?
-Will this particular food allow me to function at my highest potential? Or will it weigh me down?

While you're eating
-Am I full or satisfied? Do I need more?  

How do I feel? Too heavy? Too jittery?

Not to equate the body to machinery, but why do you have a gas gauge on  your car? To provide feedback as to when you need to fill up. Eating and asking questions is a similar process.

Continue asking these kinds of questions to refine your feedback and actions. You'll be surprised at what you might find.

What are the results of listening to feedback?
-Fat loss
-Increased and sustained energy
-Feel better about yourself
-Better interaction with others
-More productive

These truly have served me well. It's not about perfect living, but perfecting all the time. If we continue to progress towards better there's no end in sight.

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