Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Defense of 'BAD' Food

We have all heard of the term "let's just call a spade, a spade". 
Why do we have such a hard time adopting this mentality when it comes to food? 
Why must we defend bad food so adamantly? 
You're only defending it for yourself.
Just own it an move on. 
If it makes you better, maybe you need it.
I am not the food police, and honestly the choice is yours.
If you must defend it, my judgment wouldn't matter anyway.

I am here to inform and educate those who are willing to listen.
If you are not ready to change, please get out of the way.
You are only clogging it up those of us who want to be better.

Just please,
If you are looking for feedback as to why-
You feel horrible
You're injured all the time
You're fat and out of shape
The conversation will most likely turn to
BAD food. 


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