Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 Fat Loss Tips GUARANTEED To Work For 2011

I recently ran a very short clip with Hilary Kennedy of YouPlusMedia on how to get fit in 2011. I'd like to elaborate a bit more here for those interested.

1) Keep it REAL:
What is real food? Food that is not denatured, tampered with, processed or unlike how it is naturally found in nature. It's as simple as that. Organic fruits, vegetables and grains (in their natural state), grass fed meats and organic grass fed dairy are all real food.

When we eat real, quality foods, our body needs less. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are not what we are seeking at the biochemical level. It's the nutrients that make them up that is most important. In terms of quality, studies now prove that local and organic foods have greater levels of nutrients per quantity of food. You are not only what you eat but qualitatively what you eat. Start where you can and see what works best for you.

2) Quality Movement:
What is quality movement? Movement that is within your limits. If you don't know your limits, start here. If you do, then you already understand the benefits of monitoring speed, tension, breathing and alignment as well as not moving in pain. That to me is quality movement. I personally think we place too much emphasis on "gym" movement with a tendency to negate the effects of "life" movement. Gym movement is based around form that is not necessarily natural or intuitive in many ways. I would say you most likely do not move in life like you do in the gym. With that, there really is no right or wrong form... only what is correct for YOUR body and YOUR goals. That again is quality movement.

 3) Relax:
  Are you familiar with the phrase "As above, so below"? If I am tense in body and mind, am I not tense on a cellular or biochemical level? Do I not perceive the world to be more tense or stressful? If we are overly stressed about working out, losing weight, getting healthy, etc, it can actually be detrimental to progress. The more we can relax, the more clearly we can listen and see... the more we can tap into what our body is trying to cue and the better we can respond. The goal is perpetual progression. Better is better and better is more.


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  1. A well written post my friend! It is crazy that we have to work so hard to have this society go BACK to basics...essentials.

    power to you. I will be writing about similar things in the Dallas Morning News soon- stay tuned!