Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eating On the Run-

 I cannot tell you how many times I get this question "what do I eat if I am out and about"? It's a great one. We all have times where our lifestyles are so hectic that we must rely on something outside of our own preparation. I know I do it from time to time. The key is to keep it as minimal as possible and to choose quality over quantity. Here are a few things that are also important to realize-

1) - Changing your health and lifestyle should always be shaped around your current limitations. Be realistic about where you are, and start there. Too much at once will limit your results. If you have never cooked and decide that cooking daily is a must, you will probably burn out fast.

2) - The healthiest people are those that take ownership in their health. Joel is a great example. He didn't start by cooking most of his meals, but has
worked to where a majority of his diet in some form or fashion is his doing. For me personally, I would say that 85% or more of my food comes from my own making. Aside from knowing what is going in your food, there are healing properties to building and preparing things yourself.  It quickly becomes an intuitive process. Purchase a traditional foods cook book like The Simple Art of Food or Nourishing Traditions and make one new recipe each week. I have even found some great cook book selections at my local library.

3)- Make cooking fun. If you don't like to cook, it's most likely because you went beyond your limits. Find other enjoyable things to do while cooking (listening to music, meditation etc). This will build a positive association and create the desire to do it more.

Taking these into consideration, I am a realist. Here are a few options that are the next best thing... and again are determined by your current limitations. PS - I live in Dallas so they are relevant to my area.

Eating your own food

1) Whole Foods Bar/Chef Case - At last count there were 8 or 9 Whole Foods in the Dallas Metro area, with new ones popping up often. It has served as a reliable option for me and my clients as they do a decent job to provide REAL food options on the go. Please realize their bar is not organic, local etc (as many are unaware of), but again it's the next best thing. I personally stick to the salad bar area as many of their hot items are loaded with canola oil.

2) Bolsa - I debated to put this first, but being that there is only one restaurant, it's not as easily accessible. We need more Bolsa's in Dallas. Local, organic, sustainable and real, are all words I associate with this wonderful eatery. Dinner can be rather pricey, but they have a killer lunch special. $9 or 10 for a choice of any sandwich, soup or salad and an ice tea. They also do to-go. If you haven't tried this place, get there!

3) Green Spot - A small gas station in the White Rock area serving great local goodies. Not only do they have options for meals on the go, but great snacks that can be carried for a nice pick-me-up. If you're looking for great local food to cook at home, they are a good source.

4) Chipotle -  Not sure how many people realize this, but they are serving meats with no antibiotics or hormones as well as pushing for more local meats to rotate regularly. The burrito can be a quantity bomb, but if you stick to the lighter fare (beans, greens and veggies) it can be a great choice.

5)Kalachandjis - When I'm feeling like ditching meat, this is where I go. Amazing assortment of veggies that are all prepared with quality ingredients.

5) Jason's Deli - Jason's is trying to be better. They are all over the metro area and have a few options that are organic and seasonal. I would only recommend sticking with the salad bar as their other choices are not ideal.

6) Fadi's - One of my personal favorites (I love Mediterranean foods). Great choice of veggies, hummus and salads. Not necessarily the best quality and they have a tendency to over do it on oil. I would recommend it as an occasional go to.

This list is by no means exclusive or extensive but simply based around what I have in my area. Other places that I would like to try or have done on occasion-

Elevation Burger - Organic/Grass Fed burgers
Central Market
Spiral Diner - Vegetarian

There are other small restaurants and eateries that serve up quality food that aren't listed. I also didn't put those that where more than your typical $ fare for a meal on the go.

I would love to hear your feedback, questions. Where do you eat on the run?


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